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SSNIP test only one of possible tests of market definition - somewhat troubling. 'Any statement to the effect that SSNIP is just one example of how to define a relevant market without clearly specifying what the alternative to SSNIP might be, clearly runs the risk of a return to a process of market definition by ad hoc reference to product characteristics.'

We show that in situations with asymmetries - for example variations in revenues - a uniform SSNIP test may suggest that the relevant market should include more products even though it could be profitable to increase the price of only one product in the candidate market. ˚ ˚ ˚ ˚43 9 $ ˚˛ ˚ ˆ ˚˚ ˆ ˚ - - ˛ ˛ ˇˆ ˚˛ ˛ ˛ ˛ˆ ˚ ˛˛ - ˚ ˆ ˚ ˆ 8 Feb 2021 Abstract. The Hypothetical Monopolist or Small but Significant Non-transitory Increase in Prices (SSNIP) test defines the relevant market by  KEYWORDS: Market definition, Hypothetical Monopoly Test, SSNIP Test. prices would be if the market was to an extent 'competitive' (for example, marginal . The use of Customer Survey Research in the SSNIP Test. 3 For example, of the 36.1% of consumers who stated that would make changes to their current. By studying market definition presentations in a sample of Federal Trade 13 An optimal SSNIP test runs the risk of defining overly narrow markets in which a  25 Jun 2015 The hypothetical monopolist test is one of the organizing principles of the Horizontal and thus do not satisfy the non-transitory requirement of the SSNIP test.

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We show that in situations with asymmetries – for example one product having a limited sale – a symmetric SSNIP test can suggest that the relevant market should the Guideline with the SSNIP test. We gave an example of o ce superstores. Another example is airlines. Here a market can’t be "air travel" in general.

The SSNIP test evaluates whether a small but significant and non-transitory increase in prices of all products offered by the firms in a candidate market yields  

HypoMonTest implements the Hypothetical Monopolist Test for a given ‘ssnip’. calcPricesHypoMon computes prices for a subset of firms under the control of a hypothetical monopolist under the specified demand function or auction. diversionHypoMon calculates the matrix of revenue Zero-Pricing – How is SSNIP Test Applicable? Digital platforms such as Google, Amazon, Zomato and Uber are either two-sided or multi-sided in nature.

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2 pages) Ask a question The SSNIP test (product market) by Derek Ridyard, Simon Baker and Simon Bishop, RBB Economics. Related Content.

Apply the SSNIP test on demand side: would a consumer be able to access services from different providers in response to a Small but Significant increase In economic terms, what the SSNIP test does is to calculate the residual elasticity of demand of the firm.
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We gave an example of office superstores. Another example is airlines. Here a market can't be ”air travel” in general. I f want to  In determining whether a SSNIP would be profitable, the hypothetical monopolist test uses demand elasticity, cross-elasticity and other evidence.

▫ SSNIP - small but significant non-transitory increase in price (e.g. 5-10 %-test).
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av W Fagervall · 2020 — Situations, when the SSNIP-test can be an inadequate tool, are for example the. Cellophane Fallacy, double-sided/multi-sided markets and when the demand 

The Hypothetical Monopolist Test The S mall but S ignificant and N on‐transitory I ncrease in P rice (SSNIP) test is typically used to inform the definition of the relevant market in a consistent way. It typically forms the basis of the Hypothetical Monopolist Test (HMT). The Small but Significant and Nontransitory Increase inPrice (SSNIP)test 67 Loss, then a 5% price increase would be profitable and the market is defined. The HMT is often referred to, acronymically, as a SSNIP test (SSNIP deriving from the words in italics in the above definition). In practice it is common to set a specific level of price increase – typically 5%. In what follows we shall refer to the test as an α%SSNIP test where, for example, α=0.05 corresponds to a 5% SSNIP test.